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Welcome to my little section of the Internet! My life fell apart in 2016 after a brain injury and this is me navigating various health conditions, writing about it and hopefully helping others.

  • Welcome to my blog!

    If you’ve talked to me in the last year, you know this blog has been a long time coming. If you’ve never met me (and even if you have) this post is for you. I am a smiley, fun-loving person but Ima let you know right here and now, this post, this blog will discuss heavy and sensitive but very important topics.

    Ok, now that you’ve been trigger warned, I will proceed.

    I understand pain. I understand suffering. I understand how it feels to have your body betray you. I understand how it feels to have your thoughts dictate your happiness. I understand how it feels to cry until you no longer feel human. I understand how it feels to desire death more than anything else.

    But I’m still here.

    This blog is about sharing the past four years. Sharing thoughts, trials and hopes. This blog is about learning to live again and learning to dream again. And friend, this blog is about you too. Come here when you feel alone. Come here when you feel no one on earth could possibly understand you. Come when the person on the inside doesn’t match the one without.

    Know this though, if you come here, whether it’s for one post or for all, my request of you will always be this: DON’T GIVE UP. If there’s anything to hold to in this life it’s hope, no matter your definition or spiritual inclination. That being said, welcome to my blog. Welcome to The Riverbend.

    Love Always,


  • What happened to me this year

    Hello there! Long time no blog! My writing this year has been limited to personal journaling, greeting cards and the occasional Instagram post. I’m excited to be sending my work out into the interwebs once again!

    So without further ado, the story of this year:

    There are times when everything feels like too much. I’m not talking about when there are one too many items on your to-do list or when your schedule is super busy. I’m taking about when the very idea of doing what brings you joy and purpose morphs into thoughts you can barely tolerate. When the capacity to deal with life’s teeny tiny problems (basically non-problems) is maxed out.

    What I’m describing here is one of the many signs of burnout.

    Prior to this experience, I mistakenly thought burnout only happened to specific groups of people: the 9-to-5ers or the juggling two-jobers. The harried parents or the college students. The go-go-go able bodied humans of the world. Unfortunately, burnout can happen to anyone, including me. And this past March, it did.

    Of course at the time I didn’t recognize that my fragile emotion state was due to burnout, so for a while I ignored increased symptoms and flare-ups. However, it is near impossible to ignore when your body decides to move, jerk and flail around all on its own. So a few emotional breakdowns, a functional movement (tick) disorder diagnosis, and a vacation later, I decided to drop everything I was doing and start from scratch.

    No brain rehab. No volunteering. No social media. No blogging.

    What have I been doing the past several of months? Well, besides taking blurry photos of the moon and launching myself into the genres of anime and K-drama on Netflix, I’ve neen healing. Healing my mind and the parts of myself I’d been neglecting. The parts of myself I was repressing because I didn’t want to feel grief or frustration or relive trauma. The parts of myself that were more anxious then I wanted to admit. The parts of myself that were still severely uncomfortable with my physical and cognitive limitations.

    Turns out, when you add constantly trying to control your emotions to the every-day anxieties of living with PCS, and mix in productivity junky and perfectionist programing, the result is nervous system and neurological malfunction.

    I apologize for the length of the previous sentence.

    Moving on!

    Learning to let myself feel what I feel without judgment, or attempting to burry or avoid my feelings has been tremendously difficult. It takes an enormous amount of mental energy to be well in the head. There were days where it felt like most of my spoons were going to working on my thought life. No wonder people avoid therapy like a hot potato. It’s certainly not for the unwilling.

    After a few months of counseling, my ticks decreased significantly and I began re-introducing activities into my life in revised amounts.

    Which brings us to now!

    Every time I’ve worked on this piece it’s been for 10-20 minutes at a time, where previously I would have lost myself to my inner world and resurfaced hours later to a wreaked body. This new practice is definitely hard and unnatural for me, but when faced with the question, ‘Do I value productivity more than I value my health?’ the answer is no.

    I can’t tell you how often I’ll be posting, but I can tell you that I will be. I have so many ideas I want to explore and work into cohesion.

    Here’s to learning and growing and putting in the work to heal
    emotionally. If you’ve been thinking of going to therapy. This is your sign. Just do it. Your future self will thank you.

    Love Always,


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I am a 90’s kid who developed a love of writing at age 10. I went to school for communication and English/journalism and now I’m an Invisible disabilities advocate and a content writer.

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